Custom RNA Oligos

Synthetic RNA is widely used in research applications as an important tool for gene functional analysis and the development of novel therapeutic strategies. BioScript provides high-quality and cost-effective custom RNA oligos with flexible synthesis scales to meet researchers’ different needs. Unmodified RNA, RNA with modifications, chimeric oligonucleotides with mixed DNA and RNA bases, 2′-OMe-RNA, 2′-F-RNA, and other antisense RNAs are available at your specific request. To ensure that the RNA oligos are of highest quality, all RNA oligonucleotides are identified by MALDI-TOF(matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization–time-of-flight) mass spectrometry, to meet QC specifications, the measured mass must not different from the calculated mass by more than 4 atomic mass units. The purity of the RNA is analyzed by HPLC.